Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Masters of the mallow

We spent the past weekend camping (well, glamour camping is more like
it as we were in a trailer with plumbing, but with two kids it was still a challenge) and the highlight for Ella was toasting marshmallows! I'm not sure how many we let her eat, but let's just say there was a MAJOR sugar high afterwards, so we made her run around the campsite several times to burn some of it off! She was a little picky though, there could absolutely be NO PART that was even slightly singed...it had to be golden brown all over, or she didn't want it! I wasn't allowed to toast them for her as I had a knack for getting mine to catch on fire, but Steve, well, he was the Master of the Mallow (I feel a scrapbooking page coming on... LOL). Funnily enough, she was NOT a fan of s'mores. She liked all the components of the s'more (I mean, chocolate, graham cookies, and ooey gooey marshmallow, what's not to like?) but she didn't like it all together...she's an odd child...

Griffin was a champ the whole weekend...he just kept on smilin'! And caught some ZZZZZ's wherever he could....

We had a good time walking around the campground as well checking out all the campground kitsch, so I'll have to post some of those pics at a later time, maybe create a LO of all the goodies people think are decoration.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Check out these girls....and guy!

So they made the announcements for the new members (four of 'em) of the Pencil Lines design team, and they are AWESOME, so check 'em out! www.pencillines.com Also, their guest designer for this week is a guy...so let's hear it for the men who scrap! Great new inspiration for all scrappers!

Friday, June 22, 2007

*sniffle, sniffle*

So today is the day that Pencil Lines is going to release the name of their new DT member, and since I haven't heard anything from them yet, I'm guessing it ain't me! Oh well, on to bigger and better things I guess! Anyhoo, here's the LO I submitted based on their sketch...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Buzz it is...

So, a couple of weeks ago, my daughter, (with some help from her aunt) filled in a ballot to name a giant stuffed bear at Le Panier in Pointe-Claire Village. I get a phone call yesterday that she had won, and the bear's new name would be Buzz...not bad for a three year old! She won a Webkinz bear and some homemade fudge, and let me tell you, you would have thought they had given her a million dollars! (personally, I would have taken cash, but the fudge was really tasty!)


I had a yoga class last night, and because my instructor Lu is going to be away for two weeks, she told us, in her very cute Brazillian accent, that she was going to work us so that we would remember her for two weeks! She wasn't kidding... I can barely lift my arms above me head, and going down the stairs makes my legs shake...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pencil Lines challenge

Here's my take on last week's sketch on the Pencil Lines site (http://www.pencillines.com/) , I've submitted it so we'll see how I do, but considering I won the fave LO for May, I doubt I'll be in the running for this week, but it was worth the try, and fun too! And I LOVE the result!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fave Father's day pic!

This is my favorite shot of the day...the kids are actually standing still, so it doesn't even bother me that they're not looking at the camera!

Happy Father's Day!

All in all, not a bad day! Beautiful weather (well, if you ignore the thunder shower this morning). Took my daughter to her first yoga class, only to discover that's she's still too young to follow that much direction....oh well, we'll try again in a year....
My car got hit in the parking lot at Loblaws by some old guy coming out of the wheelchair parking spot. He backed right into the rear passenger side door...claims he didn't see me in his rearview mirror....the insurance info he gave me was expired since 2004...not too much damage, so that ol' Civic is till kickin!

Okay, I have to admit that so far, the day's not actually sounding that great, but it got better...

Spent the rest of the afternoon outside with the hubby and the kids, smoking ribs and chicken (and cigars!) Had both sets of parents come by and ate waaaaayyy too much and had a little too much Sangria as well (hey, maybe that's why I think the day wasn't so bad...lol!)

So...this is new....

Alright, alright, I've caved and started a blog....not too sure what I've gotten myself into just yet, but we'll see how it goes. I'd like to use this spot mostly for my scrapbooking layouts, but I'm sure other stuff will pop up here too now and again!