Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Canada day later!

Well, we made it back from our Nation's Capital in one piece, and relatively unscathed (except for The Gooch who got a few bumps and scratches along the way, but still kept on truckin'!) We never attempted Parliament Hill with the two kids (nope, no deathwish THIS weekend thank you very much), but we did see the RCMP Sunset Ride, which was AMAZING, and VERY kid friendly (way to go Canada!) Ella got to sit in a fighter jet, a tank (which took us forever to get her OUT of) and an army utility vehicle. She even had her pic taken by an RCMP photog, so we'll see if anything comes from that... And since we had a Mountie on the inside (Thanks Uncle Bowflex and Auntie RCMP!) Ella was able to meet a horse up close and personal. Man, are those beasts HUGE, and very drooly. And wouldn't ya know it, while we were standing there, the horse decided it was time to um, well, poop. "Poop" really doesn't do it justice though...Ella was fascinated by the whole thing however and asked a MILLION questions. By the end of explaining why the horse just pooped right in the middle of the street, and yes, it did look like hay, and yes, horses do pee as well, our answers were more along the line of "just because" and "I don't know why"...

Both kids got to try on the official uniform as well, so out came my camera lickety-split...I was dreaming up layouts as the camera was clicking away! Very cute, so once again, thanks to our "auntie RCMP".

So, Happy Canada Day everyone...even though it's one day late.

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Tania said...

that pic of Grif is priceless! Can't wait to see the layouts! Happy Canada day to you too! btw...the pool is still outside :)