Saturday, January 5, 2008

A belated Happy New Year!

We've been fortunate enough to have been at a cottage in the Laurentians (Ivry-Sur-Le-Lac) since the 29th of December and have just gotten back yesterday afternoon! We had an AMAZING time, although a little crazy and hectic at times with all 5 kids there, my SIL and BIL, my sis, my parents, Steve's parents, the dog and a bird.... We all survived the week cooped up together, and had a lot of fun at the same time! So, thanks dad for the week!

My goddaughter celebrated her 7th birthday while we were there, and we went tubing at Mont-Avila---SO MUCH FUN!!!! We had a beautiful day for it and the kids were exhausted by the time we got home! (btw, so were the adults...I think we all had naps!)

I managed to get three layouts of The Gooch done (I am WAAAYYY behind
on his albums)and will likely post my fave of them as soon as I get the chance (and the will to scan it!)

New Year's Eve was fun too, all the kids stayed up, and even The Gooch got up for the occasion (he had been teething and had a cold, so he was pretty miserable, but he still managed to smile and be rather good-spirited despite it all).

We had a couple of days where it was FREEZING so no one went outside really, but on the second day of minus 20 degrees, we packed them up and went to an indoor play-area at Mont-Blanc and let them burn off some of their energy! We played ALOT of games with the kids, and the girls did a lot of coloring and running around screeching. We only had one accident where Ella slipped on the hard-wood floors and busted her upper lip (there was ALOT of blood, but she was fine! She's a really tough cookie!)

The guys watched a ton of football and hockey, and we all ate way too much (especially cheese---everyone had felt the need to pack at least two types of cheese) and drank probably a bit too much too, so intensive treadmill and yoga are in my near future!

Hopefully, as soon as I get my act together (and since I have to work tonight) I'll post some pics of the week.

I hope you all had happy holidays spent with family and love ones...and I wish you all a happy and health new year!

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Kawine said...

happy new year to you!!!
j'suis contente que tu aies passĂ© un beau temps de fĂȘtes!!