Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Go Habs Go!

Thanks to the generosity of an old friend of Steve's, we went to the Habs game last night, and it was AMAZING! We had tickets right behind the visitor's penalty box (and I mean RIGHT behind....I coulda poked Havlat in the eye if I wanted to!) It was pretty amazing too to have the Habs win in overtime...what an exciting and fast paced game! Here are some pics...

Since it was an orginal 6 matchup, they had a little ceremony beforehand, got to see Ken Dryden, Vinnie Damphousse, Yvon Cournoyer, Phil Esposito, Lafleur and Richard!

and I got to see Pierre Mcguire too (it actually looks like he's looking at my camera, but he's really just looking at the TSN HD camera behind me...)

My favorite player lately (Tomas Plekanec...I just love saying his name)

And Koivu, a player I continue to love, with Brisebois, a player I continue to loathe!

And Havlat in the penalty box!


Tania said...

i'm right with you on the loathing part...argghhhh....btw luck you!

Jennifer said...

I'm not into sports but would've been cool to sit THAT close!

vroumvroum said...

Lucky you!!!